Social Welfare Events

Some of our recent events

Sandy and South Jordan Firs Stations

Jan 23, 2021

Aamphan Storm Relief at West Bengal, India

Jan 23, 2021

Cyclone Amphan has wreaked havoc in parts of West Bengal. Ulhaas has launched an initiative to collect funds and partner with RamKrishna Mission to provide support to their effort in the aftermath of the disastrous cyclone.

Feeding at Utah Youth Center

Ulhaas encourages its members to reach out for various causes throughout the valley and make a difference by extending help. Meals are prepared and served by a group of individuals to foster support and care for the unprivileged mass of society.

Meet The Cyclist

Ulhaas hosted Indian activist Somen Debnath to learn about his journey “Around the World on Bicycle Tour for HIV/AIDS Awareness and Seminars on Indian Culture 2004 - 2020”.

This social icon who has been riding his bike for the past 15 years, inspired the crowd by unfolding ideas that led him to pursue this adventure.